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Monday, December 7, 2009

Martha Stewart Merry Xmas

Hello everyone! Well I worked all day yesterday making cards...and this one was my fav! BUT, the little bugger was a LOT of work! I got the Martha Stewart branch punch last year at the end of the season real reasonable and never really used it but to cut out some test branches in 3 different shades of green...and put the branches in a bag to sit for a year! Today when I was going through some stuff, I found them and decided I better use them here is what I designed with them! I first drew in my swirly design so I had a pattern to glue the branches to. Then I glued the branches down in random pattern added some red stickles and some clear glitter to them and voila! I am sooooo happy with this card. Then I just finished off my swirly with some green Stickles and added the sentiment which was from the dollar bin at Michaels. I hope you enjoyed looking at this one as much as I enjoyed creating it! I know I mentioned that I was going to work on my cricut yesterday and I did...I have some cricut cards for you during the week. Thanks to each and every one of you for coming to see me and leaving me such nice keep me going! Have a great Monday and I will be off to see you later today.



Anonymous said...

HI Vicki!! Wow!! This is so pretty and very creative!! I love the way you arranged the punched leaves!! HUGS

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

omword! i think this is my all-time favorite! i absolutely love, love, love it! wow!


Holly said...

how creative Vicki! It's just beautiful! (oh my gosh - you wouldn't believe what my word verification word is!)

Patricia St Martin said...

WOW!!! So creative... I love Martha's punches she has done a fantasic job with them and they all work really well. Grear job on your card, just love.